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  • Ana Vuko wins Riley Church Memorial Trophy
  • Emily Jones selected for Hilda Gurney Summer Camp
  • Wendy Mattes and Dolce   Philosophy:
    My own passion for dressage, began at the age of 14, and was nurtured by classical dressage masters Hans Moeller and Herman Friedlaender. These great men both enthusiastically accepted me as a student, along with my inexpensive Thoroughbred/Quarter Horse mare. Over the years they trained me in a classical approach, which emphasized a correct, independent and balanced seat, and effective use of the aids. Underlying their approach was their deep-rooted love for the horse, and appreciation for the harmonious relationship between horse and rider. It is my goal to impart this same approach to my students.
    Mission Statement/Goals:
    • To nurture in students a love, appreciation and respect of the horse.
    • To foster in students a passion for dressage.
    • To educate and train students in correct, classical dressage.
    • To train and support those students and their horses/ponies who have the desire to compete.
    • To train and develop safe and suitable dressage mounts for students.
    • To lead by example.
    • To make dressage accessible and attainable for those students who have the desire and the passion.
    • To make dressage safe and fun for the horse and for the rider.
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